Social Media

Admin Allgemein

If you ever asked yourself what the difference between our different social media accounts is, you will find the answer here…

Facebook: We use Facebook for the most updates we got for you. Everything we plan to do or the latest news you will find on our facebook fan page. There is a lot of interaction with the fans too. From time to time we like to heat your opinion or maybe a suggestion on which song we should cover next. The most things will be posted here. Pictures before and during concerts, new songs, questions and much more…

Instagram: Our Instagram account will mostly show „behind the scenes“ pictures and videos. If you’ve ever wondered what we do during rehearsals or how it looks to be backstage on an Open Air you will find it out by following us in Instagram.

YouTube: On YouTube we post music videos, new songs, covers, and things that are more like „good/high quality“ recordings and stuff like this. Every YouTube video will be posted on Facebook.

Homepage: On our homepage you will find the kind of a summary of Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. You will find videos here as well as music and pictures. The homepage is more for business stuff. You will be able to order songs and merchandising from here and get in contact with us.

Follow our journey and become part of it by following us on all our social media sites :-)!